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The Wealth Building Financial Fitness for Teens Workshop

Things They Don't Teach you in School

Understanding Money

Making Money

Saving Money

Giving Money

Investing Money

Spending Money

10 Financial Danger Zones

“Like any other form of learning, financial education should ideally start at an early age. This process should also continue throughout life as it helps people gain the necessary skills required to make sound financial decisions.”

Alan Greenspan

The journey to financial security doesn’t begin with a single step, but it begins by having the right map.

A simple design of financial freedom is not enough. It takes knowledge, application, and an understanding of the terrain ahead. No matter where you are on the road or how you got there, your financial future is up to you.

The question that remains is: Where is your road leading you?

The 47 Financial Fitness for Teens program is truly a uniquely designed program to help your teen solve the elusive mystery of acquiring, keeping, and producing enough money to live the life of your choosing.

It is delivered in three easy to follow main categories;

The Financial Offensive

Making and keeping more money

The Financial Defense

Getting out and staying debt free

The Financial Playing Field

The rules of money

When you go through the program, you will see how It can lead you to a very unique position. A position very few around the world will ever know.

You will not only learn the principles to become financially fit yourself, and the power to positively impact the lives around you now.

You have the power to live your financial dreams. To stay out of debt. To increase your income. To turn financial weaknesses into next-level financial wisdom.

It’s time for financial peace.

It’s time for financial security.

It’s time to get financially fit.

Take the next step and sign up for our 6-week, 30 - 45 minutes per week, Financial Fitness For Teens live & interactive workshop!

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You now have the opportunity to learn and apply the practical and proven program 47 Financial Fitness, via our live (online) & interactive 6-week workshop, as we go through the strategies and mindset of the 47 principles of financial fitness designed for teens.

Price: $177.95

plus tax and the cost of Shipping and Handling for the Materials

Meet our Qualified Facilitator

Starting on Monday, November 14th

5 pm PT/6 pm MT/7 pm CT/8 pm ET.

Angi has extensive experience working with adults and youth with various types of disabilities, along with their families. Add in her experience working in Corporate America as a financial analyst, ABA of Psychology Degree, and being a Certified Life Coach into the mix.

Together with a team of 5, Angi helped create Global Strong to help teach Financial Fitness and Management through the community because she wanted others to learn how to have wealth.

Throughout my years of working with youth and adults alike, one thing that has been consistent is the lack of the right type of education surrounding money. I remember my own frustrations growing up and as an adult trying to figure “money” out, dreading bills coming in, balancing checkbooks, etc. I would avoid doing the work needed, tried every system under the sun it seemed just like the people I worked with.

Holidays would have me stressed beyond belief and I would absolutely hate them because I never knew how I was going to afford what was expected. After learning of the Financial Fitness System, I thought I am going to try one more time…isn’t there always a one more time? What I learned and implemented from the system has been a game changer for my family!

We currently live off 50% of our income each month after being buried in debt for years! Debt free except for 1 loan that we are working on paying off feels amazing. I do a combination of the Financial Fitness Program and my own automated money system that gives me freedom of time. This year because of the right education and implementing it we purchased 3 motorcycles, went on 4 vacations, and are working on building our tiny house paid for with cash!

I teach this program to my own teens because I want them to know the importance of being a good steward of their money, having the ability to leverage their knowledge, and giving themselves choices to create the life they want. What most people don’t realize is, my son has Down Syndrome and my daughter has ADHD, there are no boxes in our life, and they use the program themselves because they are already creating the life they want as an adult now.

Teens are not taught in school how to do even the basics around money these days. That is why it is so important to put this education into their hands to give them the opportunities that we never had. I am passionate about teaching our youth because what you teach them changes not only their lives but the lives of the generations after them. Giving them the right tools to create the life they want financially is giving them the keys to freedom of choice.