The Team Behind Global Strong

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself" - Henry Ford

We are Adam, Pamela, Amanda, Angi, Hjalti, and Krystal. We're located all over the world from Canada, the United States, to Spain. The 6 of us have worked together in many different high-level, high accountable advisory round tables for the last few years. We have made friends, we have had fun and enlightening conversations online, and in-person at live events. Now we have teamed up together to make this possible for others, like you.

With each of us having different backgrounds from online marketing, IT, corporate America, law enforcement, retail management, and health empowerment on various levels. We have the real-life experience to bring together a thriving community that solves the frustrations so many are facing, and who are looking for the true presence of other like-minded people, who want to share with each other what truly matters and inspire each other in a way that truly helps every one to get what they need. This is the unique, supportive and energizing community you find inside Global Strong.

Meet Our Core Team

Adam Schizkoske

President, CEO, Management

Ran massive retail stores with the responsibility of 100's of people. Former president of LifeWorks University. With a selected team, he has now built this brand new online community of masterminding, specialty work shops, e-courses and live book studies all focused on helping YOU succeed.

Pamela Allen

Vice President, Management

Worked in corporate America as a manager of large teams. Certified ThetaHealer. Her passion is to lead by holding space so that others are inspired, take action and positively impact others causing a ripple effects . She loves helping other's overcome obstacles and move forward in all areas of their lives with grace and ease.

Amanda Waterman


Energy Healer, Angel Activator, Life Coach and Elite Leader. A health advocate and caregiver for 18 years with a passion finding holistic approaches when working with people who suffer from addictions.

Angi Colwell


Experienced Life Coach. Skilled in Customer Service, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Team Building & Strong finance professional. Her passion is to contribute to the lives of others so that it benefits them in a positive way that impacts their lives allowing them to contribute to others in turn.

Krystal Fox


Taking your business and health to the maximum best possible level is at the top of Krystal’s priorities. Aside from being a single mother, running several businesses, and being active in both professional and civic organizations, Krystal is always taking everything she does to the next level.  Krystal is currently the Chief of Sales/Marketing and Business Development and pursuing a Ph.D. in Ayurvedic Medicine, all while serving her community, a long list of business owners and dozens of people looking to raise the bar inside their own lives. There are simply too many benefits and advantages to list when you enjoy the privilege of working with Krystal. Take advantage of her uncompromising commitment to your success. 

Hjalti Kristinsson


A certified life coach, IT solutions specialist & energy worker. Highly dedicated to empower people to connect with their own energy and truly step into their power to share their voice and talents to the world.

Words We Live By

“All Our Dreams Can Come True, If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them." Walt Disney